The GIST’s College Basketball Bracket Challenge

Cash prizes will be awarded to the top three brackets for both the women's and men's college basketball tournaments.

How to Play

Enter for free, make your picks, win case prizes - simple as that. Here's how to get in the game:

  • Completely fill out your bracket for the field of 64 teams by predicting the winner of every game. You can enter a women's bracket, a men's bracket, or both!
  • Points are awarded for every game picked correctly and increase per round (First Round is 1 Point; Second Round is 2 Points; Sweet 16 is 4 points; Elite 8 is 8 points; Final Four is 16 points; Championship is 32 points). The tiebreaker will go to the entry that most closely predicts the total score of the national championship game.
  • The deadline to submit a women's bracket is 11:30 am ET on March 22nd. The deadline to submit a men's bracket is 12:15 pm ET on March 21st.
  • Check back to see an updated leaderboard and compete against other GISTers!
  • Winners will be announced in The GIST's Sports News newsletter and on The GIST's socials.
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What to Win

The top three brackets for both the women's and men's brackets will win the cash prizes below.

1st Place


2nd Place


3rd Place