NWSL’s expansion race is nearing the finish line
January 30, 2023
According to a Friday report, the league will award franchises to Utah, San Francisco and Boston — one more market than originally anticipated — and will collect around $100 million in the process.
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Ep #242: Harvard women’s hockey abuse & Women’s World Cup sportswashing
Ep #242

Ep #242: Harvard women’s hockey abuse & Women’s World Cup sportswashing

February 02, 2023

Happy Groundhog Day!

Content warning: Today’s episode contains brief mention of racism and verbal and emotional abuse.

No, you’re not reliving the same day again — co-hosts Ellen Hyslop and Steph Rotz are back with yet another WTF-filled episode of The GIST of It. The first relates to a topic oft-discussed on the pod: toxic hockey culture. Longtime Harvard women’s coach Katey Stone is facing allegations of abusive behavior and racist language.

The second pertains to another hot button topic: sportswashing. Saudi Arabia will reportedly sponsor July’s Women’s World Cup leaving teams and fans alike outraged given the nation’s appalling human rights record.

Thanks for tuning in and getting fired up with us!

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