The Boston Celtics stave off elimination in Game 4 against the Miami Heat
May 24, 2023
Throw that broom back in the closet, because, as you read, the Boston Celtics prevented an unprecedented Conference Finals double-sweep last night just 24 hours after the Denver Nuggets dusted away the LA Lakers.
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Ep #274: Women’s College World Series primer & MLB Pride Month WTFs
Ep #274

Ep #274: Women’s College World Series primer & MLB Pride Month WTFs

June 01, 2023

Happy Pride Month!

On today’s episode of The GIST of It, Steph Rotz and guest host Lauren Tuiskula chat through one up and one down from the diamond. The gals start off with a preview of the always thrilling NCAA softball Women’s College World Series (WCWS), where eight teams begin their quest for the natty title today.

Then, after the break, comes the down. MLB’s kicking off Pride Month by making all the wrong headlines, with ongoing controversy surrounding the LA Dodgers’ upcoming Pride Night and a Toronto Blue Jays pitcher sharing anti-LGBTQIA+ posts. A true swing and a miss.

A big thank you to SportChek for sponsoring today’s special episode! For everything you need to keep the girls in your life in the game, head on over to SportChek.

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