College WTF roundup

September 23, 2022
Track and field athletes sue UCO, ex–MSU coach’s conviction will not be reinstated and Utah student booked on terrorism charge.
College WTF roundup

🏃‍♀️ Track and field athletes sue UCO: Female student-athletes are taking the University of Central Oklahoma to court for multiple Title IX violations. According to the lawsuit, the gals, unlike the fellas, practice at a local middle school and are provided inferior scheduling, transportation and apparel.

  • After athletes raised these issues in May, UCO retaliated by firing head coach (HC) Martha Brennan to deter the team “from pursuing their rights under Title IX.” Time can heal, but this won’t.

⚖️ Ex–MSU coach’s conviction will not be reinstated: An appeal to reinstate the conviction (and 90-day sentence) of retired Michigan State gymnastics coach Kathie Klages failed on Wednesday.

  • Klages was originally charged for lying to the police during the Larry Nassar investigation, but after she appealed the charge, the court found her statements were “inconsequential.”
  • Despite testimony that she’d been informed about Nassar’s abuse, Klages maintained she had no recollection of the conversations, and prosecutors failed to present evidence to the contrary.

🤯 Utah student booked on terrorism charge: A Utah student was arrested on Wednesday after posting on social media that she would detonate a campus nuclear reactor if the Utes football team lost last Saturday’s game (thankfully, they beat San Deigo State 35–7).

  • The 21-year-old, who had classes in the reactor’s building, was booked for making terroristic threats but released later the same day. Never thought we’d say this, but that’s taking sports too far.