🏀 The first-ever NBA Courtside Restaurant is opening in Toronto

March 8, 2023
Hope you’re hungry because the first-ever “NBA Courtside Restaurant” is opening this spring in downtown Toronto.
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Source: NBA
Source: NBA

Hope you’re hungry because the first-ever “NBA Courtside Restaurant” is opening this spring in downtown Toronto. Fitting, considering it was Canadian James Naismith who invented the game of basketball.

The NBA Courtside Restaurant isn’t just a place to eat delicious wings — it’s a sports-inspired dining experience that celebrates everything NBA. This place has it all: local art, tasty bites, exclusive merch, private dining and more.

What makes this a unique experience for basketball lovers? Three words: Location, location, location. You can find the NBA Courtside Restaurant at 15 Queens Quay East, right on the Toronto waterfront and a mere 10 minute walk from Scotiabank Arena, the home of the Toronto Raptors.

  • NBA Canada Senior Vice President Leah MacNab said, “There’s no better location for the first NBA Courtside Restaurant than Canada, where basketball has a rich history and tradition.” Dinner + a show = the perfect date, after all.

Not to mention, all the decor is dedicated to the game. The adorning artwork in the 10,000 square-foot space catalogs the early stages of an NBA player’s journey, from dreamer to champion. Inside, you’ll see historic moments from the league’s history, in addition to custom artwork from local artists such as KWEST and Victor Solomon.

  • There’s even a Woodland pop art–style mural created by Anishinaabe artist Jenny Kay Dupuis. Hell yes.

If you’re itching to know what’s on the menu, you’re not alone. While that intel is still top secret, we can tell you that none other than chef Erica Karbelnik is serving as the restaurant’s Culinary Ambassador.

That’s enough fangirling for now — back to the grub. Karbelnik is developing a global-inspired menu that will complement the restaurant’s sports decor. She says, “From the artwork and wine to the food, this is a Toronto gem that will continue our love and passion for basketball.” Yes, Chef.

Ready to snag that rezzy? Us too, but patience is a virtue. While we wait for tables to officially open, keep up with NBA Courtside Restaurant here.

  • Here are some parting words from NBA Canada’s MacNab to satiate you until opening day: “We can’t wait to welcome fans and guests from around the world to this incredible venue, where they can celebrate their shared love of the game in a unique way through a delicious meal and welcoming atmosphere.”