Toronto Maple Leafs win division

May 10, 2021
The GIST: The Toronto Maple Leafs are planning the parade. No, they haven’t won the Stanley Cup (yet), but they have won the North Division...and the love and admiration of Canadians everywhere (kidding!).
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Toronto Maple Leafs win division
Source: Toronto Maple Leafs/Twitter

North Division: Thanks to a 3–2 win over the Montreal Canadiens on Saturday, the Leafs locked in the top divisional spot for the first time in 21 years (their drought was older than Shrek). To mark the momentous victory, all team members received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine yesterday. Better than champagne, TBH.

  • The Edmonton Oilers clinched the No. 2 seed this weekend, but that was slightly overshadowed by their star Connor McDavid’s dominating performance, in which he notched his 100th point in just 53 games. Watch your back, Gretzky.

Playoff picture: Elsewhere in the league, the Pittsburgh Penguins secured first place in the East Division, shockingly beating out the No. 2 Washington Capitals, and the Carolina Hurricanes snagged the Central Division’s top spot. It’s still up in the air for the West Division, with the Colorado Avalanche and Vegas Golden Knights duking it out for No. 1.

The season ends Thursday for every division except the North, who will make up missed games — caused by the Vancouver Canucks COVID-19 pause — up until next Wednesday, May 19th. Follow the schedule here.