Ep #298

How do you say WTF in Espagnol

August 24, 2023
How do you say WTF in Espagnol

Content warning: This episode contains mention of sexual assault.

It’s been a WTF–heavy week in the sports world, so on today’s episode of The GIST of It, co-hosts Ellen Hyslop and Steph Rotz chat through two infuriating and deeply troubling stories.

First up, calls are growing louder for Royal Spanish Football Federation president Luis Rubiales to resign after he forcibly kissed star player Jenni Hermoso during Spain’s Women’s World Cup championship celebrations. El and Steph chat through Hermoso bravely coming forward to demand action and a whole host of additional crucial updates to this story.

Then after the break, it’s time for another major WTF moment, this one coming from baseball. On Tuesday, MLB placed Tampa Bay Rays superstar Wander Franco on administrative leave while the investigation into allegations that he had a “relationship” with at least one underage girl continues. Beyond horrifying.

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